Dr.Pradip Patil

Orthopaedic Surgeon,Kolhapur

What COVID Taught Us!!!

Since March 2020, we life has standstilldut to a single Virus. During this time, every sector in life become volatile. Everyone was affected from richer to poor in every country. In our speedy life we never look back towards life in a better perspective.

Certain things came out as a conlsions in my mind which I will share you....

  1. Your Health is first priority. Family Health is next priority. Rest things come later......

2. Money won't save your life, Your Health is the Most Important.

3. Our Basic requirements are minimal. We stupidly run behind the unnecessary things. It requires a keen insight to identify this. 4. In India , Government is incapable to take cate of your health. You should have other plan like Insurance or Reserve Fund for Health.

5. Everyone takes the advantages of Situatuon. You should be clever enough to identify that and have action plans

6. Your real relatives or friends will be helpfulin this situation..............( to be continued)

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