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Dr.Pradip Patil

Orthopaedic Surgeon,Kolhapur

Complex Elbow Injury- Reverts to Normal after Surgery.

25 year Male had accidental injury to his elbow joint while working on field. He had elbow swelling and he was not able to move to elbow at all.

He visited the hospital and after X ray and CT scan , he revealed complex fracture inside the joint.

He had multiple pieces of bones in joint. If joint surface is not regular , joint movements will be reduced and joint will br damaged permanently. The important aspect of treatment is to reconstruct the joint surface as normal before.

During the operation, his joint surface was reconstructed to near normal and fixed with special type of screw.

After one month, he started physiotherapy.

After 6 month he got the full range of movement at elbow joint.

If the joints surface reconstructed normally and started physiotherapy early, one can expect good outcome.

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