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Dr.Pradip Patil

Orthopaedic Surgeon,Kolhapur

Sports Injury in Kids and Prevention

Children are more prone for sport injury due to various factors. Sometimes sports injury can be lethal or disabling for the kid. Every precaution to be taken to prevent it.

About two to three decades ago, sports was encouraged among the children only as recreational activity. It is very helpful for growth and development for the child. It will inculcate the habit of regularity, hard work , accept failures in life and accept more challenges. This will be helpful when he matures.

In recent times, every parent and coach is expecting more from kids. That buts more burden on him physically and mentally. This is the main cause for the sports injury. Following condition will be responsible for more injury in children.

1. Growth Plate: Children doesn't behave like adults to injury. The bones are more flexible and muscle and ligaments are stretchable. What makes the child more prone for injury is growth plate.Growth plate is present near the ends on bone and it is the weakest part of bone and more susceptible to injury. Injuries involving the growth plate sometimes will hamper growth of bone resulting in deformities.

2. Obesity: In the modern era, more than half of the urban population of children are having high BMI. Body mass index is calculated by using wight and height. It is indirect measurement of fat content of body. More obese kids are associated with endocrine disorders and early fatigue.

3: Coaching: Improper training by coaches or self decided coaching plan or poorly trained coaches are the major cause of injury in contact sports. One should check the reliability of the coach and also needs to be evaluated separately.

4: Overtaining: Indians have tendency of doing the things in short time with overwork. but it does not work every time. Children produces more heat and sweet less and hence fatigued earlier. This sometimes precipitated by reduced oral intake. This leads to make child more prone for injury.

Steps to Prevent the Sports Injury in Children.

  1. Prior to selecting any sport for the kid, it is very important to evaluate the fitness of the child for that sport. For example, short stature kid may not be fit for basket ball. The components of fitness like flexibility, reflexes, muscle volume, muscle strength can be measured .

  2. During the growth spurts, the bone grow at a faster rate than the muscles and ligaments. That results is reduced flexibility of joint and the loads will be directly transferred to the weak bone.

  3. Children should have strength training and cross training.

  4. Proper Coaching

  5. Protective Equipments.

Simple Steps to follow after Sports Injury.

The most common sports injuries are fractures , sprains , strains and soft tissue contusion. Most of the sports injury can be traced with simple remedy .

R- Rest to the affected Part and rest for the athlet.

I- Immobilisation of the affected area with bandage or splint.

C- Cold Sponging with Ice packs for 15 min.

E- Elevation of the affected area above heart level in sleeping position.

Even after following the above treatment , if child does not improve, you need to consult the physician.

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