Dr.Pradip Patil

Orthopaedic Surgeon,Kolhapur

How to get Oxygen Beds...

This is the ulimate peak of the Panendemic ,where maximum caess are added in numbers. After infection getting ICU Bed is difficult. The government and private organisations are working hard to provide the basic support to all the patients day and night.

This is a really scary situation . But following things can be done to prevent panic situation which is seen commonly.

  1. After an episode of common cold or fever, you should suspect yourself as infected and should try to prevent the spread to family members.

  2. Family members above 60 and having additional disease should be treated very seriously and test RTPCT or HRCT or both should be done.

  3. Treatment should be started as early as possible.

  4. Most patinet with low oxygen saturation are brought to the hospital very late by family members. These patient should be strated Oxygen supplementaion earlier.

  5. In most cases, relatives become very panic and start behaving eratically.

  6. Best way to remain contact with hospitals aroung you and your doctor.

Take Care

Dr Pradip Patil


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