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The most common orthopedic surgical procedures

  • Arthroscopy employed to treat problems occurring inside the joint using an arthroscope.

  • Soft tissue repair, for torn ligaments and tendons.

  • Joint replacement, in which a damaged joint is replaced with a prosthesis.

  • Revision joint surgery, in which a preexistent implant is changed with a new one.

  • Bone fracture repair with internal fixation, performed when broken pieces of bone are repositioned using metal plates, screws or pins.

  • Debridement, during which damaged soft tissues or bones are removed.

  • Fusion of bones, in which bones are fused with grafts.

  • Spine fusion, during which the spinal bones (vertebrae) are joined together.

  • Osteotomy, aimed at correcting bone deformities.

The most common orthopaedic surgical procedures grouped by areas of the body

  • Ankle: repair of ankle fracture/Dislocation

  • Knee: knee arthroscopy (meniscectomy, chondroplasty, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction) and knee replacement. Fractures around the Knee,

  • Hip: repair of femoral neck fracture and trochanteric fracture, hip replacement.

  • Wrist: carpal tunnel release, wrist bone (distal radius) fracture repair.

  • Shoulder: Shoulder arthroplasty, Humerus & Clavicle Fixation

  • Bones: forearm (radius) bone fracture repair, thigh bone (femoral shaft) fracture repair.

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